The Experiment 1, Schmid/Scholz, Exhibition View, Secession 2001, Photo: Pez Hejduk

The Experiment 1


Curated by Dorit Margreiter

March 7 – April 22, 2001

Schmid/Scholz address questions that result from the connection of ‘art’ and ‘pop.’ There are several reasons why they have arrived at these questions. One of their starting points is not a theoretical one, as the theme might at first suggest, but rather an object. Two years ago, Schmid/Scholz started building a synthesizer. It was produced without any prior knowledge and in excessively detailed work and research—the information was taken almost exclusively from the Internet and user groups. The finished product, which was initially intended to serve no other purpose than to be a musical instrument for their own sessions, received great attention and approval in the fields of both art and pop.


Michael Schmid, born in Upper Austria in 1979.
Christoph Scholz, born in Kaiserslauten in 1974.