Christoph Meier, Exhibition view, Secession 2011, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Christoph Meier

February 25 – May 15, 2011

While the situations staged by Christoph Meier are characterized by an abstract, geometrical formal vocabulary, the objects used appear to represent a plot. The emphasis here is on the performative and narrative potential of the media and presentation formats themselves.

For Christoph Meier, exhibitions are only a moment, an isolated presentation for the public, a time for discussion—something that comes to a head and then subsides again. His current exhibition in the Galerie was preceded by work he did at the Secession in November 2010. He has developed the layout of this previous show into a new exhibition situation, with parallel variations in a brochure and in the catalog. To describe this, Patrizia Dander uses the metaphor of an echo room.


Christoph Meier, born in Vienna in 1980, lives and works in Vienna.