Chadwick Rantanen, Ward, installation view, Secession 2017, Photo: Sophie Thun

Chadwick Rantanen


September 14 – November 5, 2017

Utilizing commercial and industrial products in his works, Chadwick Rantanen considers these items as public proposals for an intended use. The exploration of these proposals manifests in specific products through an intersectional map of context, aesthetics, and function. A product’s common use and its ability to be used otherwise form a call and response. Thus, when embedded in a sculpture the product’s original purpose is extended, while remaining functionally intact, albeit in a slightly disturbed manner. Rantanen has created sculptures, installations, and site-specific interventions with neon tubes, tennis balls, plastic buckets, cups, and cuckoo clocks, among other things, which often evoke a shift in one’s perception of a space or context.


Chadwick Rantanen, born in 1981 in Wausau (Wisconsin, USA), lives and works in Los Angeles.