Monica Bonvicini / Sam Durant, Break It / Fix It, Exhibition view, Secession 2003, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Monica Bonvicini / Sam Durant

Break it / Fix it

November 28, 2003 – February 1, 2004

The exhibition Break it / Fix it is the first collaboration between Monica Bonvicini and Sam Durant and reflects the interest in architecture and art that they have shared since they met in 1991. In her video works Monica Bonvicini investigates gender relations and the power parameters of architecture at the political, social and historical level. Sam Durant deals with popular culture, particularly emphasizing the historical reception of architecture in his works.

Both artists share an interest in demystifying modernism. Their works stimulate critical reflexion by using language and other means. The works 7 signs by Sam Durant and the installation I believe in the skin of things as in that of women by Monica Bonvicini, for example, form the basis for their collaborative work. What they have in common is especially evident in their paper works, taking up and reproducing images and quotations from various literary and cultural sources. The theme of destruction illustrating the vulnerability of existing structures characterizes the work of both artists.


Monica Bonvicini, born in Venice in 1965, lives and works in Berlin.
Sam Durant, born in Seattle in 1961, lives and works in Los Angeles.