Hannes Böck, Five Sculptures…, 2013, Film still

Hannes Böck

Fünf Skulpturen aus den ägyptischen Heiligtümern im Museo del Sannio, Benevento: n. 252 Hockender Pavian, Diorit; n. 253 Falke, Amphibolit; n. 255 Falke, Gabbro; n. 256 Hockender Pavian, Diorit; n. 280 Apis-Stier, Diorit

September 19 – November 10, 2013

The specific discourses of film aesthetics, visual studies, and critical history form central points of reference for the films and photo series of Vienna-based artist Hannes Böck. For his solo exhibition in the Grafisches Kabinett at Secession, he has produced a new 16-mm film that addresses the complex relationship between archaeology, art history, photography, and their respective visual languages. His work is as much informed by cultural and postcolonial debates about the various mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion that help establish hegemonic historiography, as it is inspired by self-reflexive considerations on the nature of film, photography, and image production.


Hannes Böck, born in Vienna in 1974, lives and works in Vienna.