Axel Stockburger, Exhibition view, Secession 2001, Photo: Pez Hejduk

Axel Stockburger

March 7 – April 22, 2001

Since the first WWW addresses started appearing in advertisements on billboards and in magazines in Austria about five years ago, the computer and the Internet have become practically synonymous and are now both a component of everyday culture that is taken for granted. Yet the perceptions of the social collective have undergone fundamental changes at the same time—changes that Axel Stockburger reports on in his exhibition at the Secession. Without succumbing to a refined conservatism that becomes anxious for western Christian culture with every new medium, he is interested in the other side of the hype of a virtuality, whose parallel worlds are increasingly successful in competing and merging with concrete reality.


Axel Stockburger, born in 1974, lives and works in London.