Anne Hardy, Notations, 2012, Installation view, Secession 2012, Photo: Angus Mill

Anne Hardy

September 21 – November 25, 2012

“I want to make photographs that create something other than pure reality.”
Anne Hardy interviewed by Elisabeth Krimbacher in Parnass, Issue 3, 2012

British artist Anne Hardy constructs life-size sets that are rich in detail using a variety of materials often found in the street or in second-hand shops that hold precise position in her work. In each case, the result of this process is a single photograph, as the installations are then dismantled again. At the Secession, in her first solo show in Austria, Anne Hardy is showing twelve photographs from the past five years, including six new works.


Anne Hardy, born in St. Albans (UK) in 1970, lives and works in London.