Angela Bulloch, To the Power of 4., Exhibition view, Secession 2005, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Angela Bulloch

To the Power of 4.

September 15 – November 13, 2005

Systems of rules and ordering principles–structures that organize our surroundings and our behavior–are a central theme in the work of Angela Bulloch. The artist combines light, sound, text, video, and objects to create multidisciplinary installations that explore interconnections between digitality and historical Modernism. One concrete implementation of this issue is the Pixel Box, a three-dimensional object that can be programmed like a 16-million-color monitor by means of a modular RGB light system. Pixel stands for “picture element” and is the smallest unit in the display of a screen image. The rectangular form of the pixel box is also reminiscent of Minimal Art, such as works by Dan Flavin or Donald Judd with their focus on geometry, reduction, and color compositions.


Angela Bulloch, born in Rainy River in 1966, Canada, lives and works in London and Berlin.