Alice Creischer, The Greatest Happiness Principle Party, 2001, Exhibition view, Secession 2001, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Alice Creischer

The Greatest Happiness Principle Party

July 5 – September 2, 2001

Alice Creischer´s work can hardly be defined on the basis of an ascribed role, because the artist works in different group contexts that are variously composed or realizes her own exhibitions, but also writes for art journals such as Texte zur Kunst and springerin. The central theme of her artistic and theoretical work is revealing processes and machinations in politics and business and their culture. For this, Creischer usually selects a real historical reference point and embeds this in a new and freely chosen narrative. Alice Creischer shows The Greatest Happiness Principle Party in the Galerie, a scene frozen into an exhibition.


Alice Creischer, born in 1960, lives and works in Berlin.