February 9, 2017

Ute Müller: Handbook of Possibilities

Book presentation

Book presentation with Ute Müller

„Ute Müller’s desire to develop new approaches to her work became the impetus for the Handbook of Possibilities. Müller’s thoughts are aimed at devising a set of instruments to show her ways of engaging with her own work beyond the familiar, tried and tested strategies. She chose the format of a handbook for this purpose and placed it at the forefront of her project. Rather than avail herself of the dynamics of the normal art catalogue, namely, taking the art in question as the initial focus and backing it up with language (texts) as a form of reception, she has invited authors to write “entries” ex ante.“
(Text excerpt, Patrizia Dander)

Ute Müller
Handbook of Possibilities
128 Seiten
Format: 24 x 17 cm
With texts by Patrizia Dander, Séamus Kealy, Vanessa Joan Müller and Peter Pakesch.
Harpune Verlag, Vienna
Euro 22,-

Ute Müller