October 9, 2019

Tina Lechner, Susan told me

Book presentation

Tina Lechner’s work is a timeless amalgamation of styles, techniques and cultural references that make her work so original, so striking. Tina Lechner brings together the difficulty of dual discourses of photography as an object and image, cutting out the “either-or” and embracing the notion of Ernst Gombrich‘s “eitherand”. Her achronic visual language refers back to the early 1920/30s but becomes unique through her modification of that exact visual codification.


Tina Lechner
Susan told me
Texts: Kathy Battista, Sven Beckstette, Marlies Wirth
Design: PEACH, Vienna; Tina Lechner
Language: English
Hardcover, 25 x 33 cm, 204 pages, 123 colour and b/w images
ISBN: 978-3-903269-52-1
€ 38,–


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