May 18, 2017

Tatiana Lecomte: Meine erste Löwin & 6/3 – 8/29/2013

Book presentation

Double book presentation with Tatiana Lecomte, Reinhard Braun and Franz Thalmair.

Meine erste Löwin
The photographic source material, which Tatiana Lecomte liberally appropriates, which she “borrows”, to use the artist’s own words for her approach, is to be seen not only in a general historical context but most especially as being anchored in the history of photography. Images that document African safaris and stylize the slaying of animals as heroic feats, photos of animal husbandry showing a romantically glorified view, medical imagery, illustrations for cooking recipes, underwear advertising. In her work, Lecomte repeatedly references history as a laboratory for power and violence, a laboratory that is also dominated by gazes and imagery. She assumes the role of the one who shows what could already been seen and thus remained hidden and secret during the act of making visible. Meine erste Löwin (My First Lioness) is a montage, but it also signifies reflection on the principle of montage—and ultimately on the possibilities and conditions of photography itself.

Published by Reinhard Braun with a text from Franz Thalmair.
German / English, 96 p., numerous images in b/w, 21 x 15 cm, soft cover
Edition Camera Austria, Graz
ISBN 978-3-902911-33-9

With the kind support of: Arts and Culture Division oft he Federal Chancellery of Austria,
Cultural Departments of he City of Graz and the Styrian Government

6/3 – 8/29/2013
In 2013 I spend 88 lonely days in New York City. On every day that I am in town, I set up my camera in the studio and take two photos: one of the view from the window and one of my face. The obituaries that accompany the image pairs in the book are taken from the New York Times.

Published by Tatiana Lecomte
English, 272 p., 162 images, 19,5 x 14 cm, soft cover
Revolver Publishing, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-95763-372-9

With friendly support from BKA, Otto Mauer Fonds, Bildrecht Wien