November 18, 2010

Talking Heads – Interview marathon on the subject of “Crossing Limits” in art

Artist talk

In Collaboration with the Vienna Art Week

Vito Acconci, American artist and architect, professor of performance und interactive media art at Brooklyn College, New York
Minerva Cuevas, Mexican conceptual artist, founder of Mejor Vida Corp. and member of
Trevor Paglen, American artist, geographer, and writer, Oakland and New York
J. J. Hudson, British fashion designer and artist, founder of the “art brand” NOKI – House of Sustainability
Vesna Petresin Robert, British architect and artist, also a trained opera singer
Gilbert Bretterbauer
, Austrian installation artist and literary performer

Moderator: Robert Punkenhofer, artistic director, VIENNA ART WEEK

It is not least because of its geographical position between East and West that Vienna appears to be a good place for cross-border and interdisciplinary thought and work. Art theory and practice have changed a lot over the past years. A very category-oriented understanding of art has been replaced by a flowing and open notion of art that not only facilitates, but even propagates collaboration between disciplines. Media boundaries are being continually questioned. Transdisciplinarity unfolds areas of tension in art which not only evoke a kind of synesthesia, but also prompt new possibilities of discourse.

The general theme of this year’s VIENNA ART WEEK provides occasion for an interview marathon: “Talking Heads” deals with boundary crossing and boundary crossers in different areas of contemporary art. Six artists have been invited to present their works, which are situated in the interface of visual art and film, politics, architecture, music, fashion, literature, design, and identity, and to explore the subject of “Crossing Limits” in an interview.