April 29, 2020

Sophie Thun

Online exhibition opening and start of the live stream


From May 30 until June 21, 2020, the Secession presents Stolberggasse, an exhibition by the Vienna-based artist Sophie Thun. Conceived specifically for digital dissemination, the show can be seen as a live transmission on the Secession’s website.

The dialectical interrelations between the scene of production and the work’s presentation, between the setting of the artist’s labor and the physical presence of the body, are recurrent themes in Sophie Thun’s photographic oeuvre. The places where she exhibits her work often serve her as points of departure for photographs that show how her body imprints its presence on them.

For her exhibition at the Secession, Thun further developed this approach and adapted it to the necessity of digital dissemination. The artist sets up her darkroom in the exhibition space, where, working in isolation, she makes photograms of all objects in her apartment in Vienna’s Stolberggasse. While visitors are barred from physically entering the Secession’s building, surveillance cameras installed in the gallery enable them to watch the action in real time on the website.


Live stream