April 2, 2022

Siggi Hofer: still alive

Book presentation/Reading

Reading by Siggi Hofer
and presentation of the artist’s magazine siggi hofer. still life

Free admission for registered visitors.
Registration is requested no later than Friday, April 1, 2022, 4 p.m. at: office@secession.at
The artist’s paper is available in the shop and will be signed by the artist upon request.
The current Covid regulations apply (FFP2 mask, distance).

Writing is part of Siggi Hofer’s artistic practice and his texts accompany, expand and contextualize his exhibitions without explaining them. They lead a life of their own, but in dialogue with the respective works they open up new or unexpected perspectives.
For his exhibition at the Secession, Siggi Hofer produced an artist’s newspaper whose format is based on the German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. It was to be a large, heavy newspaper.

“I wanted a newspaper, the picture in my head was of someone slapping a fat stack of paper on the table in front of you, in your face, saying: Right, now it’s happened.” (Siggi Hofer)

What exactly happened remains open: Is it the earthquake from the front page and the destruction it entails? Is it the pandemic? The climate catastrophe? The war?
Two of the four texts printed in the newspaper were created for the exhibition. In the course of the afternoon, the artist will read all texts in German and Spencer Chalk-Levy will read them in English.
Work will be done at the work tables.

Artist’s book
siggi hofer. still life
Format: 39.5 x 28.5 cm
Details: unbound, newspaper fold, 120 pages
Concept, visuals, and texts (d/e): Siggi Hofer
ca. 120 illustrations
Secession 2022
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
EUR 26,40

available in our shop