March 25, 2022

Siggi Hofer in conversation with Bart van der Heide

Exhibition talk

Siggi Hofer in conversation with Bart van der Heide, Director of Museion Bozen.

Siggi Hofer (b. Bruneck, South Tyrol, 1970) lives and works in Vienna. In Still Life, the artist has conceived an immersive installation that engages the Secession’s characteristic architecture in dialogue, a sprawling tableau composed of numerous and diverse individual works. In the still life genre, the artist has chosen a widely familiar trope as his point of reference. Echoing the style of graphic design and executed in grid patterns, the pictures in loud colors show animal and plant motifs and mundane objects. Visual axes shift and adjacencies are reshuffled with each step the visitor takes inside the installation; new compositions emerge, suggesting new readings and contexts of meaning.
Siggi Hofer’s versatility is evident in the variety of media, details, small gestures, and subtle creative choices in the exhibition, which gathers works from different periods in his oeuvre, as well as an installation outside the Secession and an artist’s book in the form of a newspaper.

The art historian and curator Bart van der Heide was director of the Kunstverein in München, Munich, before becoming chief curator at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, in 2015. During his tenure there, the museum mounted solo exhibitions and productions by artists including Seth Price, Günther Förg, Cally Spooner, Ei Arakawa, Maria Hassabi, and Stefan Tcherepnin.
Since June 2020, Bart van der Heide has been director of the Museion, Bozen, where he curated the exhibition Here to Stay, which turned the spotlight on the efforts to enlarge and study the museum’s collection. He also conceived the long-term program TECHNO HUMANITIES; inaugurated with the exhibition TECHNO in September 2021, it harnesses all of the institution’s spaces and dimensions to explore the various aspects of the techno subculture.

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