July 25

Secession garden

DJ lectures

July, 25, 7pm
Beyond the Blue Mosque: a Tribute to Muslimgauze
Heinrich Deisl, skug – Journal for Music

Hailing from Manchester the musican Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze polarized like few others: the work of Muslimgauze comprises nearly 200 releases, each of which individually addresses another aspect of the Middle East. Muslimgauze was founded in 1982 to take a stand against Israel’s occupation of Lebanon. Over time it developed into an extremely tight convolution of sound and theory that spans the most diverse religious, spiritual, social and political implications of the Middle East from Egypt to Iraq. Muslimgauze charted a mostly politically “incorrect” course, sympathizing with the PLO, titling a CD Abu Nidal while naming another United States of Arabia. His music ranges from ambient soundscapes to intense Drum’n’Bass, his sources are a sampling of news broadcasts, Arab rhythms and so called found sounds. Jones never visited the Middle East – this was also not important to him – he was much more interested in capturing in music a decidedly European perspective on the events located there. Many Muslimgauze covers come from the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat. Muslimgauze was seminal for particular electronic music scenes and many groups cite Bryn Jones who, in 1999, died at age 38. This evening presents both cover versions and “inspired by” Muslimgauze tracks. The title of the DJ-lecture is taken from a 2003 record release.

August 8, 7pm
Rhythms from the Middle East
Heinrich Deisl; skug – Journal for Music
This evening presents spiritual, trance and dance music from Maghreb to Maschrek – a crash of cultures via the universal language of music. “World music” won’t be celebrated instead positions will be presented that clearly deal with extra-European culture and music traditions and their interchange. Performing: The Master Musicians of Joujouka; the legendary Trance-Formation from Morocco, who influenced not only Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) but also W.S. Burroughs and Talvin Singh with their ritual drum and flute playing; Fatima Miranda, a powerful-voiced singer of Sephardic-Arabic tradition – Miranda’s incredible voice modulations come from the traditional song of southern Spain, an area that was for hundreds of years a melting pot of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures; Rez Mesinai aka Badawi, currently one of the most interesting border-crossers between Arabic, Indian and global electronic music with releases on the Jazz label Tzadik; and the Vienna-based electronic group thilges, who recently recorded a CD with the Persian vocalist Zohreh Jooya and the Iraqi oud master Asim Al-Chalabi.
Beforehand: projections from the DVD compliation Bizz Circuits: Intifada Offspring (Mille Plateaux) with music videos this from side, on the other side, and along the Israeli barrier.

July 28, August 3, 18, 25, 31, 7pm
Music from the East. Western Reflections of Eastern Sounds
DJ da FIZZ after a set by Fritz Novotny (reformARTunit)
Music from the East is a five part historical special that deals with Arabic music from folklore to Jazz. Simple song structures, prayers, solos, duos, and ensembles from the totally archaic to the modern.