October 8


AND AND AND with Ben Morea and friends

Program of events

October 8, 2014, 7.30pm
Day 1
Introduction to the week
with Ben Morea and Sherry Milner & Ernie Larsen
and friends from Vienna and AND AND AND

October 9, 2014
Day 2
Daytime will be devoted to making up the week’s schedule

October 10, 2014
Day 3
Open for now
(most likely, we will try to organize a screening or meeting in another space in evening)

October 11, 2014
Day 4
Day long un-workshop on animism, anarchism, common(s)
with Ben Morea, Sherry Milner, Ernie Larsen and contributors to AND AND AND

October 12, 2014
Day 5
un-workshop on animism, anarchism, common(s)

October 13, 2014
Day 6
Open for now

October 14, 2014
Day 7
Closing event at 7pm