July 5

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Program of events

For his exhibition at the Secession Rirkrit Tiravanija is reconstructing Rudolf Schindler’s residence in Los Angeles in model form. But the exhibition is less about constructing an architectonic facsimile correct in every detail than about producing an “animation” of Rudolf Schindler’s intellectual world and Tiravanija’s own ideas about relationships and communities. In the first few weeks of the exhibition the model will be gradually installed in the main exhibition space at the Secession, functioning as platform and stage throughout.

During the entire run Rirkrit Tiravanija and various guests will use the exhibition for the performance of the multi-media programme outlined below. Rirkrit Tiravanija thus brings both the stage-set and the entertainment programme into play as invitations to action. To the same effect he also asks visitors, that means you, to participate as actors in the shaping of the programme. So feel free to occupy the exhibition space, whether you simply want to relax or whether you’d like to take care of the evening’s entertainment yourself: use the space to chat with friends, put on a film show, or even host your own DJ session.

Thursday 7pm
Every Thursday from 7pm we show videos and films by artists from the sixties and seventies inside the exhibition space.

July 11
Gordon Matta-Clark
Conical Intersect, 1975
Splitting, 1974
Sous-Sols de Paris, 1977

Hans Richter
Inflation, 1928
Rhythmus 21, 1922-24
Rennsymphonie, 1929

July 18
Michelangelo Antonioni
L’Avventura, 1960

July 7
John Baldessari
Baldessari Sings Lewitt, 1972
I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, 1971

Joan Jonas
I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances), 1979
Left Side Right Side, 1977
Vertical Roll, 1972

Richard Serra
Anxious Automation, 1971

August 1
Laurence Weiner
Affected And / Or Effected, 1974
Beached, 1970
A Bit of Matter And a Little Bit More, 1976
Broken Off, 1970

Richard Foreman
Out of the Body Travel, 1976

August 8
Nancy Holt
East Coast, West Coast, 1969

Robert Smithson
Swamp, 1971

Dan Graham
Performer / Audience / Mirror, 1975

August 15
Keith Sonnier
Animation 1, 1973
Animation 2, 1974

Stan Brakhage
(…) or ellipses (Reel 1 and 2), 1998

August 22

August 29
Linda Benglis
Female Sensibility, 1973
Now, 1973

Martha Rosler
The East Is Red, West Is Bending, 1977
Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975

Simone Forti
Solo No.1, 1975

Vito Acconci
Open Book, 1974
Pryings, 1971

Open DJ-Sessions
Thursday 8.30pm–11pm
consulted by mica

Bring along your records and CDs and host your own DJ session. We provide a music programme every Thursday evening from 10 to 11pm. Before that the DJ set is open to anyone who’d like to present their own special mix to the Secession audience.

July 11
Damian Mind (Cokefusion, Labor Munich)
Electro / Nu-Wave

July 18
Aka-Tell (backlab, Muthaland)
Drum & Bass / Breaks

July 25
Franz J. Otto (Club Cazin)
House / Disco

August 1
Luke Kavis (djmixes.at)
Techno / Detroit

August 8
Whim (Visions of Shambala)
Goa-Psy / Progressive Trance

August 15
Stephan Scharf
Electronic / Ambient / Experimental / Life Performance

August 22
Christina N. (euroranch)
Minimal Techno / Minimal House

August 29
Philipp Quehenberger

Sleep in the Secession

The exhibition is open round-the-clock every Thursday night. You can talk through the night with friends, crash out for a doze on the cushions after the DJ Session, drop by on your way home and hang around for a while or simply stay at the Secession on your overnight trip to Vienna.
Please bring your own sleeping bag, blanket and toothbrush.

Thai Massage
Tues–Sun, 10am–6pm, by appointment only, Suwan Laimanee

Take over the exhibition and bring your friends with you. We invite you to sing at the Open Microphone, deliver a speech or perform tricks, show your own films in the Videolounge, throw a community Picnic, or simply lie back and relax on our enormous cushioned lounger.

Utopia Travel

July 27–28
A project by Emanuel Danesch and David Rych
During the last three months the mobile videotheque, an especially equipped taxi car, has been travelling across Africa, Asia and Europe, collecting videos on the route. Now Utopia Travel will present their selection at the Secession.

Tina Bepperling
August 31–September 1
Projection metabole 2002
September 1, 4pm
Presentation of the publication “The Vienna Moving Kitchen”

Talk & Snack
Saturday 3pm
Sunday 11am
Join us for snack and a chat about the exhibition, art and life in general.