September 27, 2017

Katrin Plavčak and Ronald Kodritsch

Book presentation

Double book presentation with Katrin Plavčak and Ronald Kodritsch

With an indroction by Silvia Eiblmayr and Andreas Spiegl

Katrin Plavčak
humming tumbling – summen purzeln

While postmodern painting has always been accompanied by the discussion about its end, it has at all times pointed to its most important characteristic: due to its discursive character, it is able to weave a never-ending network of representations. The same applies to the works by Katrin Plavčak (born 1970 in Gütersloh, grown up in Austria). Her non-impasto oil and acrylic paintings draw figurative references to Dix and Grosz, Magritte and Picasso, Höch and Lassnig, as well as the practice of naive painting, where perspective and spatial conditions are suspended while several narrative strands coexist. Katrin Plavčak purposefully examines the history of images originating from comics, cartoons, illustration and, quite broadly, from technical visual media. Clichés, distortions, trivializations, and spectacles, as produced by the media industry and whose logic is also quite seductive to art and its institutions, form an aesthetic fundus from which, in her own painterly language and in a highly qualified transformation process, she formulates her artistic point of view. Katrin Plavčak neither resorts to pathos nor any ideologically »correct« position, but rather directly pursues her interest in Dada or Surrealism, art movements where the achievements of photography, film and advertising, and, last but not least, popular magazine culture in methodical combination with montage and collage, have influenced the avant-garde concept. In addition, Katrin Plavčak is a great portraitist who knows how to psychologically pinpoint the characteristics of her found or invented figures with great painterly skill. Thus, if these days the post-factual age is heralded because we are inundated with information, to the point where it becomes meaningless to us, the opposite pole could be that kind of art. (snoeck)

With essays by Silvia Eiblmayr and Jörg Heiser
Format: 28,5 x 22 cm, Hardcover
176 pages
Graphic: Kurz Gestaltung, Berlin
snoeck, Cologne
ISBN 978-3-86442-203-4

With the kind support of Arts and Culture Division oft he Federal Chancellery of Austria

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Ronald Kodritsch
Neue Frisuren für die Ewigkeit

Paintings and sculptures of the last three years, with the main focus on the new Stanley Road series

(…) With this apotropaic custodian figure, the artist wishes to expel both inner and outer spectres – “from haunted by ghosts to ghostbuster”. Through the conscious and unconscious digesting of personal histories during the creative process – the exorcism and evocation of psychic realities – Ronald Kodritsch lays the foundations of an aesthetic which enlarges the canon of the contemporary artistic project in remarkable fashion. (Angela Stief)

With essays by Angela Stief und Andreas Spiegl
Format: 29,5 x 23 cm, fester Einband
144 pages
Graphic: Gottfried Moritz
snoeck, Cologne
ISBN: 978-3-86442-227-0

With the kind support of Arts and Culture Division oft he Federal Chancellery of Austria, Cultural Departments of he City of Graz and the Styrian Government, Marktgemeinde Schwanberg, Kunst an der Grenze, Bildrecht Wien, Wolf & Partner

Euro 20,-