July 17, 2018

Judith Fegerl: in charge

Book presentation

Judith Fegerl in conversation with Nina Tabassomi

“The word ‘Leitung’* that appears in black letters on the surface of the white wall that has been painted around it several times identifies the office of the Director. On the occasion of my first meeting with Nina Tabassomi, who had just assumed her position at the Taxispalais, I took a photograph of this lettering. Its meaning however—as it later turned out—manifested within the title of the exhibition and the substance of the museum.” (Judith Fegerl)

(*The German word “Leitung” has two meanings. One is “head of” or being in charge of an institution; and the other is line, as in electrical wiring, a water pipe, etc.)

“Judith Fegerl’s works act as trans­formers towards the exhibition space. Her sculptures, architectural operations and spatial drawings cut themselves into the substance of the exhibition space. Rather than treating the exhibition space as habitat and platform for her own works, her works shape that space. Some works are site­-specific, while others are already present (in a conceptual sense). Yet they both agitate and integrate the set­tings in which they are presented. Objects that lie beyond the reach of our material concepts and cognitive matrix assume form in provocative, beau­tiful and brutal ways.” (Nina Tabassomi)

This catalogue succeeds the solo show Judith Fegerl in charge at the Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol. The publication witnesses and discusses interventions both sustainable and ephemeral performed at the core of the museum.

Judith Fegerl in charge, July 1—August 27, 2017, curated by Nina Tabassomi, director, Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol

with texts by Nina Tabassomi, Simone Menegoi and Alexandra Grausam
80 pages
grafic design: grafisches Büro
format: 26 x 22 cm
VfmK Verlag für Moderne Kunst
ISBN 978-3-903228-85-6
price: 20,— EUR
With the kind support of BKA and Otto Mauer Fonds.