March 21, 2019

Josef Trattner

Donau Sofafahrten 2016

Book and film presentation

Introduction: Florian Steininger, artistic director Kunsthalle Krems
Music: Agnes Heginger (vocals) and Cordula Bösze (concert flute)


The Vienna-based artist Josef Trattner started his European Sofa Journeys in 2004. For what is now his sixth project in the series, he traveled for an entire month, this time along the Danube river from its two headstreams in Donaueschingen to the Romanian city Tulcea right before the river flows into the Black Sea – always with the portable, self-designed red-foam sofa in tow, on which he invites local artists, writers, and musicians to sit down and talk. The book collects texts the authors were inspired by these encounters to write. Photographs document the journey and the locations of this intervention.
Trattner’s Sofa Journeys are social experiments that not only bring together various artistic disciplines but also, taken together, form a comprehensive European communication project.

Texts by Jelena Anđelovska, Vladislav D. Atanasov, Zsuzsanna Gahse, Michal Hvorecký, Ljiljana Ilić, Ibrahima Keita, Gabi Kreslehner, Barbi Marković, Thomas Raab, Milan Ráček, Ferdinand Schmatz, Burghart Schmidt, Christian Steinbacher, Florian Steininger, Ina Stoian, Gergely Téglásy, CorneliaTravnicek, Anja Utler, and Daniel Wisser. Foreword by Ferdinand Schmatz

Josef Trattner
342 pages, 21 × 28 cm, softcover
Schlebrügge Editor
ISBN 978-3-903172-17-3