November 22, 2017

Johannes Heuer: ECONOMIC LIFE

Book presentation

Book presentation with Johannes Heuer

Welcome: Herwig Kempinger (President of the Secession).
Introduction: Brigitte Felderer (University of Applied Arts)

Economic Life focusses on the theme of transience and reconstruction. Object of this examination is a photo volume from the 1960´s, gathering photographic portraits of 104 key players of the german Wirtschaftswunder. Johannes Heuer disassembled a copy of this volume and treated the pages with a full range of solvents and chemicals, in a technique slightly comparable to watercolor painting – with the difference that existing pigments are diluted, diminished or destroyed. The accompanying textpages were blackened out. Long time after being created, these pages are now collected and released in their former shape – as a book. The linen for the book-cover is manually worked on by Johannes Heuer before the binding process. Each copy is unique and the edition is limited.

The swedish composer and saxophonist Martin Küchen contributed micro-compositions for the book which were created directly in front of the portraits. His 104 Bagatellen are stored on an inlaid thumb drive inside the back-cover of the book.

Johannes Heuer
220 pages
Format: 34,5 x 26 cm
Details: linen-hardcover, duotone print
Limited edition of 220 books, signed and numbered
USB-stick: “104 Bagatellen“ by Martin Küchen
2017, s. ed.
ISBN 978-3-9504441-0-0