September 16, 2019

Franco Berardi in conversation with Yvonne Hütter-Almerigi

Europe in Weimar—End of Human Freedom, Impotence of the Will

Whose Freedom? - Event series

“Humankind is growing old and transferring potency to the automaton. So humans have built machines that are much more powerful than their builders. The global financial automaton has cancelled political freedom as governance has come to mean automation of decision-making. At the sexual, political, and psychological level, impotence is the main feature of contemporary sentiment. This is why a new form of fascism without futurism has gained the upper hand everywhere, and it is not going away. Europe has turned into a financial automaton, married to ethno-nationalist aggression. Let us face reality—let us try to understand the dynamics of the present apocalypse. And above all let us remember that the inevitable generally does not succeed because what happens is the unpredictable.” (Franco Berardi)


Franco “Bifo” Berardi is a writer and media theorist and activist. He founded Radio Alice, Bologna, and was involved in the Autonomia movement of the 1970s. His book The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy has just come out in German translation.

Yvonne Hütter-Almerigi is a literary scholar and research associate at the Università di Bologna, where she currently studies conceptions of reality and political activism. She is a regular contributor to the philosophy journal Hohe Luft.


In the context of the event series Whose freedom?
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