July 26, 2019

Fiona Connor, #8

Meeting point: in front of the U4 station Heiligenstadt (Boschstrasse)

Site visit

In conjunction with her exhibition Fiona Connor. #8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events at the Secession Connor has installed her work, #8 in a private apartment at Karl-Marx-Hof, Vienna.

Join us on this exclusive tour with the artist.


“For my exhibition I wanted to connect the gallery at Secession with other sites in Vienna where people are living today. The works are part of an ongoing project called Sequence of Events that consists of mostly permanent installations in homes. A home is a place for using and living with objects; artworks in a domestic context have a more limited audience but over a longer period of time, so the relationship with the artwork is ongoing. The relocation of the bulletin board from a public space in the Karl-Marx-Hof to a personal residence in some sense turns the building inside out; (…).” (Fiona Connor)

The New Zealand-born artist Fiona Connor makes sculptural installations in which she replicates objects and structures of everyday life. For her exhibition at the Secession, #8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events, Connor has developed a body of work that comprises 23 bronze objects that resemble tools commonly used in the installation process of an exhibition: a measuring tape, ruler, pencil, dolly, etc. The sculptures work with the rules of a certain period of labour and maintenance, replicating tools that look very similar all around the world and are usually out of sight at the opening of the exhibition.

In the framework of Connor’s exhibition, the artist was also realizing two projects outside of the Secession: One at Karl-Marx-Hof, a municipal housing complex, where she made a copy of a community bulletin board and relocated it for the duration of the show to a private apartment. The other one is to permanently exchange a standard door from another social housing project in Vienna with a door from a house in Los Angeles.


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