May 10

Fate of Alien Modes, Filmmuseum

Film program

Filmmuseum Vienna

10 May 2003
Noël Burch, What Do Those Old Films Mean (GB 1985, color, sound, 3 of 6 parts à 25min)
The six-part television series describes the development of film language in six different countries (America, Denmark, Germany, England, France and Russia) from respectively different historical, social, political and filmic perspectives.

Followed by a discussion with Noël Burch

Noël Burch/Thom Andersen, Red Hollywood (USA 1995, color, sound, 121min)
This documentary film deals with the history of leftist and communist directors, who were victims of the so-called “witch hunt” in Hollywood of the McCarthy era.

11 May 2003
Derek Jarman, The Last of England (GB 1987, color, sound, 87min)
One of the most important British experimental films of the 80’s, which breaks all the rules of conventional narratives and makes use of a subversive image language. It focuses on a critical depiction of the situation of the society and the social breakdown of England in the late 80’s.

Nagisa Oshima, Koshikei (Death by Hanging) (J 1968, b/w, sound, 117min)
Oshima tells the story of a young Korean, who is condemned to death for an alleged rape. In this psycho-drama, which is arranged as a complex process of emerging consciousness, the Korean symbolically embodies the state and the revolts of the Japanese Lumpen Proletariat at that time.

1 June 2003
Ulrike Ottinger, Freak Orlando (BRD 1981, color, sound, 126min)
“A ‘Histoire du Monde’ comprising mistakes, incompetence, hunger for power, fear, madness, cruelty and everyday life using the example of freaks from the beginnings to today as a small world theater in five episodes.” (U.O.)

Morgan Fisher, Standard Gauge (USA 1984, color, sound, 35min)
Standard Gauge is an autobiographical account. The film material that Fisher collected over the course of time is composed of diverse 35mm strips – the standard format of the Hollywood industry. Among other themes, the film deals with production format: 35mm material that has been disposed of is projected as a 16mm film.

Shirley Clarke, The Cool World (USA 1963, color, sound, 95min)
A collaboration between Clarke and the Afro-American author Carl Lee. The film is based on a novel by Warren Miller about young people from Harlem and is exemplary for Clarke’s social-critical works.

Isaac Julien, BaadAsssss Cinema (GB 2001, color, sound, 75min)
This documentary film deals with the genre of Blaxploitation and its most important protagonists (Melvin VanPeebles, Pam Grier, Fred Williamson, Gloria Hendry …). It analyses the confrontation that this genre conducts with stereotypes, black urban myths and a whole series of themes – from slavery to the civil rights movement.

Followed by a discussion with Isaac Julien

Film program put together by Mark Nash