February 6, 2013

Open Round Table Discussion on Asylum policy, migration, and racism in Austria


hosted by the Association of the African Minority in Austria and The Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland
The artist Yael Bartana, whose exhibition Wenn Ihr wollt, ist es kein Traum (If you will it, it is not a dream) was showing in the Hauptraum at the Secession until February 10, 2013, has solidarised with the protest movement initiated by asylum seekers and migrants in Austria and invites to use her installation as a platform for discussions. The Wiener Secession, Association of Visual Artists welcomes this invitation extended by Yael Bartana and wishes to express its full support. In the spirit of the Secessionists: May the Spring come!
Press conference
Introduction of the conference’s context, agenda and panels

10.15 – 11.45am
Legal framework for access to the labour market for asylum seekers in Austria and the links between economic integration and the right of residence
Discussion between invited lawyers, politicians, refugees, representatives from the Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs (BMI), Arbeiterkammer, UN, Human Rights Organisations, NGOs and supporters

Open discussion between speakers, participants, journalists and the audience / Summary
Lunch break

The history of refugee and migrant struggle and resistance in Austria and the present-day situation
Discussion between invited refugees, self-organised migrant groups, lawyers, politicians, representatives from Caritas, Human Rights Organisations, UN, NGOs and supporters

Open discussion between speakers, participants, journalists and the audience / Summary

Summary of the day’s discussions / Open questions are collected / Outlook