April 27, 2017

Annja Krautgasser: RE-EN-ACT

Book presentation

Book presentation with Annja Krautgasser and Synne Genzmer

Welcome Angela Althaler (Abo Verlag)

Excerpt from Participation: coming together, joining, collaboration, sharing something by Synne Genzmer:
Critics may object to forms of participatory art that they cast artists in a pedagogical role, that artists—instead of establishing true equality between themselves and those they invite to engage in co-production—never actually step outside the “position of superiority” from which they “generously grant options for creative involvement” and so merely “invoke” an overarching “common interest” within a framework (the institutional art context) “that silences contradiction and dissension.”1 But does not participation, conceived as a form of “cultural sharing”2 that transcends the confines of reflection on media, mean precisely this: that I have a say in my own representation? Do not the critics of participatory approaches simply cling to the established cultural hegemony that invests them with authority? Is not the only, or certainly the principal, contribution artists can offer to society that they put their apparatus at its disposal, which is to say, share it with others? And if not, are not the structures of power then located on very different planes than those of artistic production? Are not artists just as, even especially, à part when it comes to the co-determination of political, economic, and social conditions?

1) Stefan Neuner, in: Paradoxien der Partizipation. Das Magazin des Instituts für Theorie, no. 10/11, December 2007, pp. 5–6.
2) Astrid Wege, “Partizipation,” in: Hubertus Butin (ed.), Begriffslexikon zur zeitgenössischen Kunst, Cologne 2014, pp. 236ff.

RE-EN-ACT Annja Krautgasser
German, 208 pages, numerous images in b/w, 22 x 16,5 cm, soft cover
ISBN 978-3-9504385-0-5

Published by Annja Krautgasser with text contributions by Rainer Bellenbaum, Madeleine Bernstorff, Robert Buchschwenter, Hildegard Fraueneder, Synne Genzmer, Sebastian Höglinger, Verena Konrad, Tereza Kotyk, Gabriele Mackert, Hemma Schmutz, Eva Maria Stadler, Gerald Straub.

The publication is supported by BKA, Land Tirol and Stadt Wien.

Annja Krautgasser