June 7, 2022


Book presentation

The ATLAS OF ARCADIA documents the artistic research project of the same name by Anna Artaker and Meike S. Gleim. The focus of the project was the twofold translation of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project: on the one hand, motifs from Benjamin’s 19th century history were translated for the late 20th and early 21st century, and on the other hand, his method of “literary montage” was implemented in the form of image montages. The view of our immediate past through the lens of the Arcades Project reveals connections that are hardly accessible to a scholarly approach: the Panopticon appears as the model of the shopping mall, the paintings of old masters are mirrored in advertising subjects, seemingly obvious opposites are transformed into correspondences.

The book contains 306 illustrations and an essay by the authors in English. 400 pages, paperback.

The artists in conversation with Hemma Schmutz.
Hemma Schmutz is a curator and cultural manager and has been artistic director of the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz and the Stadtmuseum Nordico since 2017.

For the book presentation please use the side entrance at the back of the building.