October 18, 2021

Almut Rink: On Orientation

Book presentation

Book presentation and talk

Almut Rink, artist and author of the book “On Orientation”, in conversation with Elke Krasny, cultural theorist, urban researcher and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The publication On Orientation is the result of Almut Rink’s artistic research and brings together the most important texts and interventions in public space of recent years.

Orientation provides us with a notion of the world around us. The arts-based research “Orientation as Gardening” investigates orientation as an activity, an experience, that is neither fixed nor given: an active composing (gardening) of our being-in-the-world. Assuming a non-anthropocentric view of the world, the research team has been exploring sustainable historical systems of composition, set-up eight Assemblage Boards – fitted sculptures as tools –, spanning the course of several years in the public spaces of Tokyo, London and Vienna. They entered a dialogue with colleagues and artists to question the idea of identity as well as the relationship of subject and object in the field of care and relationship, autonomy and dependence.

Together with Elke Krasny, Almut Rink tries to unfold the multi-layered research on a substantive and artistic level and to recontextualize its results from today’s perspective.


On Orientation
Almut Rink

mit Beiträgen von / with contributions of
Anne Eggebert, Ursula Reisenberger, Almut Rink, Chiaki Sakaguchi (Autorinnen/Authors)
Margot Bannerman, Ben Cain, Sarah Cole, Regula Dettwiler, Kyoko Ebata, Anne Eggebert, Polly Gould, Ursula Reisenberger, Matthew Wang (Künstler_innen/Artists)

352 Seiten, 356 Farbabbildungen mit Plakatumschlag und eingelegter Edition
352 pages, 356 colour illustrations with poster cover and inlaid edition
Format: 24 x 17 cm
Design: Iris Buchholz Chocolate
Deutsch / English
Druck / Printed by: Gugler Druck, Melk
Edition: 600
Lektorat / Proof reading: Else Rieger
ISBN: 978-3-903796-48-5
EURO 36,–


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