April 28, 2016

all-over #10

Magazine presentation

all-over | Magazin für Kunst und Ästhetik – Release of issue #10

Since all-over was founded in autumn 2010 the online magazine has been published every 6 months collecting scientific articles and artistic contributions. The publication aims for a considerate examination of historical and contemporary modes of art production and their theoretical context.

On the occasion of the magazine presentation a virtual anniversary exhibition in a 3D-model of the main exhibition space of the Secession will be openend – a picture spread by Viktor Lundgaard with the participation of all artists represented in all-over thus far: Walter Derungs, Clare Kenny, Gregor Graf, Elisabeth Greinecker, Max Leiß, Ulrich Nausner, Matt Taber, and Thomas Tudoux. 

all-over are Hannah Bruckmüller, Jürgen Buchinger, Barbara Reisinger, and Stefanie Reisinger.

Authors and artists will be present.