Emily Wardill. Night for Day

Artist’s book | Emily Wardill. Night for Day

A dummy for a book, faded on one side as though it were left outside for a summer and became two tone. Night for Day. As one state pretends to be another, and sketchbooks hold the energy of a human face gathering thoughts. Essays by Marta Kuzma on the outline of witches and Kerstin Stakemeier catching the speed of Ernst Mach who observes, “what we fear so much in death, the destruction of permanence, already occurs in life in abundance.” (Emily Wardill)

Emily Wardill
Night for Day
exhibition Emily Wardill. Night for Day
Format: 13 x 19 cm
Details: Open thread binding, 168 pages, ca. 120 illustrations
Concept: Emily Wardill
Texts: Marta Kuzma, Kerstin Stakemeier
Text excerpts: Isabel do Carmo, Luigi Ghirri, Isabel Lindim, Sofia Ferreira, Alexander Kluge, David Mourão-Ferreira, Hanna Proctor
Secession 2020
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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