Edi Hila. Maquettes

Artist’s book | Edi Hila. Maquettes

An artist’s book, as it is was approached here, includes a kind of explanation as to why it should be seen as a “scale model”. As a miniature representation of the work, a scale model has its own particular creative potential. The model represents precisely the time and place of the assembly and disassembly of ideas; the merciless debate within the self unfolds in order to come to the necessary creative conclusion. (Edi Hila)

Edi Hila
exhibition Edi Hila. The Sound of the Tuba
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm
Details: Swiss brochure with thin gray cardboard cover, 144 pages, ca. 140 illustrations
Concept and text: Edi Hila
Secession 2020
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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