Vienna Secession, photo: Jorit Aust

AUDIO | City walk on the history of the Secession

This city walk invites you to experience the beginnings of the history of the Secession in Vienna. Starting at the Wollzeile, and continuing along the Parkring and ending at the Secession itself, you will learn about the early years of the Secessionist movement in Vienna and experience history through the remaining architecture of this time, up until the present.

1. Tour Route


2. Foundation of the Secession


3. Location of the Building


4. Planning of the Building


5. The 1st Exhibition of the Secession


6. Karlsplatz


7. Künstlerhaus

Photo: Johannes Rips


8. Otto-Wagner-Pavilion

Photo: Johannes Rips


9. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Photo: Johannes Rips


10. Otto Wagner


11. Joseph Maria Olbrich


12. Groundbreaking ceremony


13. Design


14. Inauguration of the Secession