Artist’s book Philipp Timischl

Philipp Timischl’s artists’ book “Artworks For All Age Groups” shows a photographic series with a conspicuously glamorous female figure; it is the artist himself in drag. Accompanied by a muscular young man, she is taking a private stroll through the Secession’s deserted galleries, secret corridors, and offices.

The artist seeks to spotlight a form of feigned self-confidence prompted by insecurity, marginalization, and being torn between milieus and classes. A text by Paul Clinton and an excerpt from Didier Eribon “Returning to Reims” are dealing with forms of class division and their relationship to queer identity.


Philipp Timischl
Artworks For All Age Groups

Format: 230×310 mm
Details: Softcover, 48 pages
Concept: Philipp Timischl
Texts: Didier Eribon (g/e/f), Paul Clinton (e)
Secession 2018
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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