Artist’s book Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruschas artist’s book “Double Americanisms“ shows a new series of linguistic paintings informed by his memories of Oklahoma City, where he spent his teenage years, and the city’s distinctive slang: used parchment drumheads are inscribed with locutions whose shared feature is the use of a double negation—“I Ain’t Telling You No Lie,” for example, and “I Can’t Find My Keys Nowhere.”

The centerpiece of the artist’s book is a series of six large-format pictures—digital reproductions of three paintings by Ed Ruscha (again, true to side and laterally reversed) showing the star-spangled banner in different conditions that he created between 1985 and 2017, until a tattered banner before a black backdrop betokens a disastrous outcome.


Ed Ruscha
Double Americanisms
Format: 205×380 mm
Details: Hardcover, cloth binding, 124 pages
Concept: Ed Ruscha
Secession 2018
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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