MILICA TOMIC (in cooperation with Roza El-Hassan)
September 27 - October 2, 2000

In the framework of the Secession's façade project Milica Tomic has been invited to produce a work commenting on the political situation in Austria which will now be presented on the front façade of the building. (Open letter to the Austrian president by the board of the Secession).

Milica Tomic lives and works in Belgrade, where she also studied. Since 1987, Tomic has produced photo and video works, acted in movies and TV productions and co-authored the award-winning film "Que sont mes amis devenu?" / "What happened to my friends?" (1995). She is specially known for her web project "i am milica tomic" (1999). The web project as well as her photo and video works usually feature herself in the lead. Primarily, the themes she deals with are political violence and issues of identity.
In the billboard project Tomic presents herself together with Roza El-Hassan and Branimir Stojanovic under the group name EXTRA-TERRITORIA. This initiative was founded in 1999 at Café Karmin in Belgrad, and should be understood as a platform for dialogues between the participating artists. For the current project Tomic used a press photograph which attracted much attention in Austria and is currently used in billboard posters advertising a weekly magazine: Wolfgang Schüssel as the passenger sitting side by side with Jörg Haider, who is in the driver's seat of a Porsche. Instead of the politicians, Milica Tomic herself and Roza El-Hassan are sitting in the car, with Tomic wearing a partisan uniform. The text reads: "Milica Tomic and Roza El-Hassan driving in a Porsche and thinking about overpopulation." Thus the project forms part of a series by EXTRA-TERRITORIA, that begun with the production of a T-shirt and a text printed on it: 'I am Overpopulation'. Moreover, Tomic's partisan uniform is a topical reaction to statements by Jörg Haider about AVNOT (a guerrilla organisation) which contributed to the foundation of Yugoslavia as a multicultural state in the forties, blaming AVNOT for the current conflicts.
In her photo-montage, Tomic links a past situation and a statement in a political context that may have been forgotten already, with the topicality of the attitude and ideology behind them. She reminds us of the images and their content in terms of text or linguistic substance, and as she puts herself and her friend and fellow artist Roza El-Hassan into the picture, she shows that the political and the personal are inseparable.
Further artists include: Monica Bonvicini, Heimo Zobernig.
For updated information please contact Matthias Herrmann, Sylvie Liska and Eleonora Louis at the Vienna Secession on +43- 1- 587 53 07.