August 8 - 21, 2000

Renée Green is also among the artists who were invited to deliver an artistic statement about the current political situation in Austria for the Secession façade project; her statement is shown during the month of August. (Open letter to the Austrian president by the board of the Secession).

Renée Green has directed a Master Class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 1997; interest in political and activist movements as well as special attention to the visual qualities of the sixties form a red thread through her work. For the façade project she combined two events: the students' movement in Paris in the late sixties, historical by now, and the activities in response to the new coalition government taking office in February this year. A press photograph of a demonstration scene is juxtaposed with a video still showing students preparing for a demonstration in the streets of Vienna. More than thirty years passed between the two documentary shots. They are held together by the word "Move" - Green places it between the pictures as an element that can be read as a graphic visualisation of the energy in pictures and a call to carry on.
Further artists include: Monica Bonvicini, Paul McCarthy, David Shrigley, Milica Tomic, Heimo Zobernig.
For updated information please contact Matthias Herrmann, Sylvie Liska and Eleonora Louis at the Vienna Secession on +43- 1- 587 53 07.