The Secession differs fundamentally from other galleries of modern art in the way in which its program and individual exhibitions are determined. The artists elected to the board decide the program of the Secession and which artists will be invited to mount exhibitions.
This distinctive feature of the Secession was the starting point for an exhibition project initiated by board member Martin Walde who invited the artists Steven Brower,  Urs Frei,  Kendell Geers  and  Annika Ström to make contributions. Unlike the Secession's normal exhibition procedure of presenting different artistic positions simultaneously in separate spaces, this project does not foresee any specific exhibition space for individual artists. On the contrary, it is up to each to decide in what constellation they wish to present their work either in the Secession itself or, as the case may be, in its immediate vicinity. Thus, the project abolishes the conventional rules of the exhibition business for a time by having neither a curator nor a theme and striving to initiate a critical dialog on prevalent curatorial and institutional practice within the framework of existing structures and the space available.
All four catalogues will be accompanied by a catalogue with texts by Matthias Herrmann, Christine Macel (Kendal Geers), Patricia Grzonka (Urs Frei), Steven Brower, Dave Beech and Ina Blom (Annika Ström), together with comprehensive pictorial material. The publications will appear both in English and German.

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