Herbert Brandl, Sezession
Herbert Brandl, Sezession. Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Herbert Brandl was born in Graz in 1959 and studied at the College of Applied Art in Vienna under Herbert Tasquil and Peter Weibel. The artist has painted a series of pictures for the Secession that can be seen as a new series of works. Even at an initial and superficial glance, a metaphorical approach to natural phenomena is evident in the work of Herbert Brandl. "While associations with Arcadian landscapes, cloud formations, etc., are allowed, these are only of secondary importance. It is the presence of the colors - together with their relationship to one another and their position alongside and on top of each another - that reveals the dramaturgy of the pictorial concept." (Werner Würtinger) Natural forms and oil paints increasingly dissolve in Herbert Brandl's paintings without, however, ever completely disappearing. The painted surfaces, which at times have the quality of watercolors, disclose a specific sense of space to the viewer in which the border between color and form gradually disappears.

In the Main Hall of the Secession, Herbert Brandl will be contrasting these oil paintings with his large-scale works in ink. "From the point of view of form, [they are] like cluttered and old-fashioned monumental pictures and from the point of view of content, [they are like] a forest of symbols and ciphers," (Martin Prinzhorn) and generate a subversive atmosphere, that largely defines the viewer's impression of the oil paintings.

This exhibition will be traveling to the Kunsthalle Basel in January, 1999.



64 pages, 29 colored illustrations, 13 b/w illustrations
authors: Martin Prinzhorn, Peter Pakesch and Werner Würtinger
Secession 1998, ISBN: 3-901926-03-8


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